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Hobby Horse at MediaCityUK 2012

Hobby Horse perfiormance, 'Poor steckenpuppen!'

'Poor steckenpuppen!'


Scott Thurston’s excellent photos of this event are shared in my blog in several entries today. Scott and Leanne were marvellous colleagues for this occasion, and I was thrilled to experience the outstanding facilities and technical staff support at the new University of Salford MediaCityUK Digital Media Lab. This environment was a great liberator of potential and I was able to fully energise the text into a musical, physical and artistic performance for the MA students and members of the public. I understand this was the first performance for the MA’s and public in this space, and I very much hope to be present at events which follow on in this remarkable lab. Is this unique in the UK as an environment of top technical quality made available for for the development  and public presentation of experimental literature?

Hobby Horse performance 'Bring me my hobby horse!'

'Bring me my hobby horse!'

Hobby Horse performance picture 1

Instructions for making a puppet theatre for Cabaret Voltaire

Hobby Horse performance photo 2

More instructions ...


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