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Twelve Entries lecture and workshop for MA students

Juxtavoices 9 Entries

Juxtavoices perform Nine Entries at the Fusebox Leeds event, Seven Artspace, Leeds, 1 March 2013 – Photo by Andy New

The first Juxtavoices CD is now in the final stages of preparation, and will include a recording of Nine Entries.

Advice for University of Salford MA students in Creative Writing: Innovation and Experiment

Lecture and Workshop 18th April 2013

It would be helpful for you to read the documents I am forwarding to you via Scott Thurston. These comprise two poems and their setting for voices.

Also I recommend you listen to the studio recording of Nine Entries. You can find this as a free MP3 at the Discus website page for Juxtavoices recordings at http://www.discus-music.co.uk/juxtavoicesmp3.htm

If you would like to read more of this sequence of 12 poems there are several available at the Riding the Meridian e-zine, the link is http://www.heelstone.com/meridian/akennedy.html

My studio blog carries a page with a general description of the project that these poems form a part of. The link to this page is at https://warmstoragestudio.wordpress.com/about-twelve-entries-from-the-encyclopaedia-of-natural-sexual-relations/

Looking forward to meeting you

With all best wishes

Photo by Andy New, thank you Andy – more photos of this gig to be found at Andy’s Jazz Tourist blog



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