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About Hobby Horse

Warm Storage entry for Hobby Horse 23.3.12

Hobby Horse is a poetic text developed for the collaborative volume called Dadadollz published in 2010 by ISPress.  Davd Annwn is the other poet in Dadadollz and is editor of ISPress, the Dadadollz project was initiated by him in 2008 with a request to me and my husband David Kennedy to develop a poetic work in response to four photographs.  David Kennedy dropped out of the working group, and the resulting volume of poetic texts contained my text and David Anwwn’s RunDADAnella. David Annwn and I also developed eight original black and white illustrations, four images each.

I premiered a performance of Hobby Horse in summer of 2010 at the Greenwich Cross-Genre Festival for women’s experimental poetics. In 2011 David Annwn and I took Dadadollz to the Sheffield Over The Top music series and performed our texts with the collaboration of improvising jazz musicians. David has since taken his performance of RunDADAnella to further outings.

I gave my performance of HobbyHorse to the MA Creative Writing students of University of Salford on 13th March 2012, and followed it with a creative practice lecture drawing on my studio journals to track the development of Hobby Horse from its initiation as collaborative project through to premiere performance in 2010.

Images from the 2010 performance are on their own post in this blog, my stage assistant on that occasion was Nicky Rowland. Today I posted  several entries on the Salford MediaCityUK performance given last week, and an entry on the  2011 Sheffield launch of Dadadollz with David Annwn. Enjoy!


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